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Tax Law

MK Danışmanlık HizmetlerTax, which has become an increasingly more important strategic element for administrations, stockholders, tax authorities and other stakeholders, causes enterprises to experience diverse tax based problems and conflicts. The fact that tax applications become more detailed, has become the primary cause of tax problems encountered or to be encountered by enterprises. 

Tax problems, to which the society is highly sensitive, may result in considerable losses by enterprises in terms of costs, promotion and perception. Our experts generate effective solutions to ensure enterprises operate in conformity with the laws and regulations and to minimize the potential losses to occur as a result of tax conflicts. Tax Law Consultancy comprises the services under the headings below. 

Tax Liability Consultancy: 
• Analysis of partnership structure and tax liabilities.

Tax Conflict Consultancy: 
• Generating effective solutions for tax conflicts, planning and implementation, 
• Tax audit preparation, 
• Preparation for court hearing, documentation, and collection of evidence, 
• Determination and implementation of loss minimization strategies, 
• Analysis of decisions taken by the tax administration, 

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