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Indirect Tax

Indirect taxes, which have serious effects on cash flow and costs, need to be managed through professional planning. Within this framework, our tax experts, who are masters in their subject, provide consultancy services on Value Added Tax (VAT), Excise Tax, Stamp Tax, Customs Tax, etc. 

Regulation and Regulation Conformity Consultancy: 
• Revision/development of the reporting system, 
• Exemption/immunity identification and application, 
• Analysis of VAT liabilities with accountability, 
• Analysis of Stamp Tax liabilities, 
• Analysis of Excise Tax applications. 

Consultancy on the Effects of Indirect Taxes on Cash Flow: 
• Tax based cost analysis and cost planning, 
• Identification of probable risks imposed by indirect taxes, 
• Determination of indirect tax related risk management strategies.

International Trade and Customs Tax Consultancy: 
• Analysis of international customs regimes and bilateral agreements, 
• Revision/development of basic import/export related procedures, 
• Preparation of tax payment plans relevant to international trade.

Royalty Payment related Tax Consultancy: 
• Analysis of indirect taxes related to Royalty payment, 
• Identification of the customs situation of goods-commodities subject to Royalty rights, 
• Analysis of monetary procedures involving the exercise of intangible rights.
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