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We can present risk and value oriented solutions.

MK Consulting Offices offer services in the areas of tax, accounting, audit, corporate finance, law, training and management. MK Consulting produces strategy oriented professional solutions to sustain their clients’ success. By contributing to the management of internal and external factors, MK creates the optimum conditions to protect the investor’s security. With its field experts in theory and practice, MK Consulting has the potential to offer excellent goal-specific and risk-oriented service by cooperating and establishing a close relationship with its clients. 

The performance level, which continuously changes and shapes according to the demands of business stakeholders, is directly affected by complex and continuously changing requirements imposed by regulations. MK Consulting provides service aimed at minimizing tax related risks and the completion of tax related activities by satisfying their clients’ need for planning and information in time. 

In order to be able to reach their goals, businesses need to possess information systems that efficiently provide outputs to their internal and external users. MK Consulting, provides the accounting services that businesses need to be able to make their financial reporting in conformity with legal regulations. Through these services businesses can structure their internal control mechanisms and optimally meet their stakeholders’ need for information. 

Through the geographical expansion of activity area and diversity in branches of activity, the concept of assurance has gained importance for establishments. Assurance, which is the most essential element of auditing activities, constitutes establishments’ primary demand from interacting parties. MK Consulting analyzes and reports auditing findings according to topic at international standards. 

Law Consultancy
Conformity to legal regulations is one of the basic difficulties that businesses encounter in their activity. MK Consulting, provides services aimed at preventing legal conflicts, time consuming and costly errors.  
MK Danışmanlık Hizmetler

We can increase your
value potential by

managing your risks.
We can protect your capital with MK security.


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